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Street Sweeper and Catch Basin Cleaners 

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EVO Smart Truck Series

EVO ... from the word EVOLUTION ... the evolution of the compacting, residential solid waste collection truck. The EVO Smart Truck is the most advanced, the most cost effective, and the most productive residential collection vehicle on the market.

EVO series trucks are fully integrated machines -- cab, chassis and body are designed and custom manufactured from the ground up to be the very best at residential collection with a one person crew.

evot25xxth.jpg - 9.82 K EVO-T-25
25 Cubic Yards
52,000 lbs. GVW
High Compaction
evomag20xth.jpg - 9.74 K EVO-MAG-20
20 Cubic Yards
39,000 lbs. GVW
High Compaction
17 Cubic Yards
39,900 lbs. GVW
High Compaction
"FET Exempt"
17 Cubic Yards
37,900 lbs. GVW
Standard Compaction


VAC/ALL  By Leach
High Performance Vacuum Machines

VAC/ALL  LV Series

        Catch Basin

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