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VAC/ALL APPLICATION; The versatility of the VAC/ALL provides for year around use in connection with a variety of municipal, governmental and industrial application, such as;

1. STREET SWEEPINGS; The VAC/ALL picks up and disposes of heavy street sweepings, wet or dry, in a most efficient, sanitary and dust free manner.


A. The VAC/All picks up a 3 cubic yard sweeper pile in about 5 minutes.

B. In one day the VAC/ALL has picked up and disposed of 88 cubic yards of sweepings while traveling 50 miles.

C. Two VAC/ALL's will pick up street sweepings from 10 sweepers.

D. The VAC/ALL removes a cubic yard of ice control sand from street boxes in about 2 minutes; empties 40 boxes per day.

2. CATCH BASIN CLEANING; The VAC/ALL removes all material from an average basin in about 5 minutes with one man operation. Special suction tube extensions are available from basins deeper then 11 feet.


A. The VAC/ALL has removed 85 cubic yards of muck from 73 catch basins in a single day. One city reports that it cleans an average of 40 basins per day.

B. The VAC/ALL lifted by vacuum a 114 lb. rock from an 8 FT. deep catch basin, even though the rock was too large to pass through the 12 inch diameter suction tube assembly.

C. The VAC/ALL vacuumed up and dumped 22,000 gallons of standing water due to a clogged catch basin in 2 1/2 hours, It the cleaned the basin to prevent future flooding.

3. DEBRIS AND LITTER; The VAC/ALL picks up by vacuum heavy street debris such as bricks, sand, gravel, stones, etc.



A. The VAC/ALL removed sand from a lawn area without damaging the grass.

The sand had been blown over the lawn from a nearby pile during a windstorm.

B. A 60 lb. rock is easily picked up and deposited by the VAC/ALL in its body.

4. AFTER SEAL COATING; The VAC/ALL collected more then 15 cubic yards of surplus chips in 45 minutes.

5. LEAF COLLECTION: Because of greater vacuum, the VAC/ALL picks up leaves under the most difficult conditions. Leaves are "Vacuum packed" into the VAC/ALL's larger fully enclosed body.


a. Replacing a 20 cubic yard open trailer, a tractor with broom attachment, a front end loader and an 8 man crew, the VAC/ALL with 2 men collected 3 1/2 times as much leaves with only 1/3 the cost per cubic yard.

b. In actual municipal operations, the VAC/ALL collects double the weight of leaves per day (20,000 lb.) compared with vacuum leaf collectors, at an average cost savings of 40% per ton.

6. SNOW REMOVAL: The VAC/ALL has been used to suck up and haul snow from street corners, cross walks, catch basin inlets, fire hydrants and bus stops.

7. FORESTRY: The VAC/ALL picks up chips and other debris resulting from tree stump removal.

8. SEWAGE: Using special intake tube extensions and nozzles, the VAC/ALL cleans digesters, aeration tanks, lift station sumps, etc. faster, more completely



a. The VAC/ALL removed 150,000 gallons of sludge plus 130,000 gallons of water from a 65 ft diameter digester in 29 1/2 days with an average crew of 3 1/2 men per day, 60 ft of 12 inch diameter suction tubing connected to the VAC/ALL body.

b. Grit was removed from around air diffusers in a 22 ft. deep by 38 ft. Square aeration tank by the VAD/ALL and 4 men in one day. Previously the same job required 1 1/2 days using a crane with a clam shell bucket and 7 men.

c. The VAC/ALL has removed sewage from deep manholes, 23 ft deep, when they were flooded as a result of a broken sewer main.

9. WATER WORKS; The VAC/ALL removes water, sand and stones from excavations around broken water mains. By sucking up water and loose material the VAC/ALL keeps the work area open making repairs faster.


a. the VAC/ALL enabled 3 breaks in a 12 inch water main to be repaired and service restored in only 5 hours.

10. CLEANING SUMPS, DRAINS, MANHOLES: The VAC/ALL cleans incinerator ash pits, utility manholes, sewer traps, swimming pool filter tanks, industrial sludge pits, water filtration beds and many other difficult and inaccessible locations.


a. The VAC/ALL cleaned 2 swimming pool filters of 132,000 lb. of sand and gravel with a 10 man days of labor. This is less then 1/10 of the 108 man -- days required for the previous method.

b. The VAC/ALL cleans fly ash and other settings from 2 incinerator settling tanks in 30 minutes once each week. The previous method took 2 men 8 hours.

11. STREET FLUSHING: With optional power flushing equipment the VAC/ALL flushes a path up to 42 ft. wide in a single pass. This feature adds the benefits of a big 2200 or 1700 gallon flusher at a low cost.


a. The VAC/ALL flushes streets from 11:00 PM to 7:00 am: during the day shift it picks up street sweepings and cleans catch basins.

12. ZOO: The VAC/ALL is used for periodic removal of animal manure from pits built for that purpose. Also used for catch basins and general cleaning.

13. STREET REPAIRS: The VAC/ALL vacuum cleans chuck holes and street surfaces prior to patching to assure a strong bond between patching material and pavement.

The VAC/All is a grant vacuum cleaner. It does the job of a front end loader, a clam shell, a pump, three or more trucks, a street flusher and a crew of men with shovels, brooms and catch basin spoons.

The VAC/ALL completely self-sufficient operation frees trucks, front end loaders and men for other important tasks, resulting in substantial savings in equipment and labor.