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The Vac/All is considered as a first class, premium, quality built machine around the world. It may not be the prettiest machine around, but then again pretty does not get the job done. Vac/All has never compromised its quality or design, to save a few dollars (to be more dollar competitive). There are many Vac/Alls operating today, that are over 25 years new and still on the front line of production with satisfied customers. That is why it is more innovative, productive, and efficient over its competitors. Vac/All's proven performance results in measurably less downtime than the competition. It is a unit designed from the bottom up to provide the greatest ease of maintenance and repair at the least of cost to the user.

The following are a few of the endless advantages of the Vac/All.


Engine: Heavy duty industrial diesel, Cummins 6BT5.9 Turbocharged, 6 cylinder, 359 cu. in. displacement, 120 HP @ 2200 rpm - 12 volt electric start, 65 amp alternator - muffler-high temp/low oil pressure shutdown tachometer, hour meter 

Heavy duty 204 amp/hr battery.

PTO: Fluid coupling

Debris Body: heavy duty construction (Grade 50 steel) debris body, six (6) removable filter screens - secondary filtration chamber - one piece rear discharge door, with manual locks - adjustable door seal - body prop - one (1) double acting hydraulic lifting cylinder 50,000 lb. (2) cylinder 68,000 lb. On (14 & 16) rated capacity, maximum 50 degrees dumping angle - one 12" dia. Rear door intake port hole, stub boom.

Hydraulic Pump: 12 gpm @ 2200 psi, powered by auxiliary engine.

Water Tank: 350 gallon constructed of polyethylene - 1 " fill opening, 4" air gap - cushioned mounting = 1 x 15' fill hose.

Water pump system: 75 PSI, 120 GPM 13 cu. Yd. Centrifugal water pump, belt driven from auxiliary engine, electric clutch control - low water pump protection system with override switch - 15' x " hose with couplings - hand gun.

Gutter Broom Assembly: 30" dia. Variable speed broom - flat tempered steel double wire broom, 26" long - hydraulic driven with protective float position device to retract broom - mounted on retractable hinged frame assembly - adjustable sweeping positions - adjustable broom pressure - positive travel locking mechanism.

Pickup Nozzle Assembly: heavy duty rectangular vacuum nozzle - 42" (400sq.inch) wide adjustable opening - parallelogram linkage mounted - two (2) adjustable support wheels - front nozzle deflector - replaced steel wear liners - 12" I.D. flexible rubber suction hose with break away body connection and positive seal - internal debris body deflector with steel wear liners - positive travel locking mechanism.

Sweeping Width: - 42" wide with pickup nozzle only.
-68" wide with gutter broom and pickup nozzle
-96" wide with gutter broom (30"), nozzle and transfer broom

Dust Control Assembly: dual control dust system - gutter broom with multiple nozzle spray bar - pickup nozzle with nine (9) internal spray outlets - scrubber manifold with six (6) injection orifices - pressure or gravity feed water supply.

Cab-controlled Water Solenoid Switches.

Sweeper control console: located in cab with individual switches to control:
Gutter broom or brooms when dual sweeper up/down
Deflector brush up/down
Transfer broom up/down and rotation speed
Pickup nozzle up/down
Scrubber collar dust control
Gutter broom dust control
Gutter broom rotation, on/off and speed adjustment
Auxiliary engine speed control
Low water warning light
Auxiliary engine on/off light
Engine start/stop switch

Lighting package: lights and reflectors furnished in accordance with FMVSS# 108
One (1) amber beacon with limb guard (rear mount) - electronic back - up alarm.

The following are a few of the endless advantages of the Vac/All :

Debris Body: The floor is 10 gauge and the walls are 11 gauge for longer life. The tapered design of the body (Larger at the dump end then the front of the debris box) allows the collected debris to exit the body when dumping with greater ease then any competitive unit. All reinforcing steel is continuously welded not stitched welded like the competition.

Auxiliary Engine: The Vac/All has 6 cylinders, 120 hp Cummins diesel engine. When you push your machine to the limits day after hard working day you need the confidence of a powerful long lasting engine and of course backed up by the best warranty in the business. The Warranty is two years or 2000 hours full coverage, plus a third year or 10,000 hours on major components. This is a more durable, longer life, engine that obviously does not have to work as hard to perform its functions. Thus less repairs, maintenance and greater down the road cost savings.

Suction Nozzle: There is not a single competitor that can come even remotely close to the superior design and manufacture of the suction nozzle. While our competition has 200 Sq. inches or less the Vac/All has 400 Sq. inches of surface area. With a fan design of such superiority, the pick up head was designed to assure the ultimate compatibility and performance. Another extremely important part of the design is Vac/All's use of the replaceable wear liners. Since this is a very high wear area it should be standard practice to have replaceable wear liners. Vac/All does but all competition does not. As previously explained Vac/All builds a superior unit. There are also replaceable duct and deflector liners inside the body to assure long body life and even material distribution.

Filtration: Whereas the competition has 2 filter screens as standard, the Vac/All has 6. This represents 75% more filtration with a surface area of 8900 Sq. inches. The Vac/All is the only unit with full coverage providing maximum filtration. This has 2 major benefits; 1 is being that the unit will perform more efficiently and work longer between screen clean outs, very important when picking up leaves. 2 the other being that greater filtration will ultimately allow the unit to operate more efficiently with less stress on the power plant. Thus increased productivity with less maintenance. Of course as can be expected with the Vac/All this still was not enough, so the further designed a very unique debris box. After passing through the filtration screens the air is then directed into a separate air chamber, so designed to assure even the smallest particles will be trapped before the air is returned to the fan. This is a feature our competition does not have. This is another reason why Vac/All out performs and out lasts the competition. Increased productivity and longer fan life is the end result and of course far less costs to the end user.

Suction Tube: Vac/All measures the diameter of its hose by the inside diameter of the hose in question. As such, Vac/All is 12 inches and not 10 or 8 inches. The quantity of material through a 12 inch hose is 100 %, while the quantity of material through 10 inch hose is 69.5% and even less with an 8 inch hose. A significant difference when operating the unit.

Safety Props: Vac/All has never compromised on safety and this is a prime example. The extra heavy construction and design of the safety props typifies safety and concern for the customer satisfaction. This is an area that should not minimized due to the potential for accidents to the operating and maintenance people when operating, servicing, or maintaining the unit.

Body Support Blocks: when the debris body is lowered down to its final resting position its should not rely on the frame rails of the truck to hold firm and in place the body. This unfortunately is how the competition units are constructed. The Vac/All however has a superior system. When the body is lowered to the frame rails of the truck there are four restraining blocks to assure that the debris body will not stress the frame. The body when lowered aligns itself with these blocks, securing the body and thus relieving the truck frame rails of any undue stress of twisting as the vehicle travels. This item assures longer life for both the truck and the Vac/All equipment.

Dual Engine Start System: this is a Vac/All design. With this dual system the advantage of being able to start one engine from the other is available. This also increases the life and performance of both electrical systems as they are designed for each individual system, i.e., the truck, and the auxiliary engine.

Blower Exhaust Fan: The Vac/All exhaust fan at 16,500 CFM is also the heaviest duty fan constructed in the market place today. The per pound weight is vastly superior to any other manufacturer. The competition's fan weights approximately 75 lb. The Vac/All heavy duty standard fan weighs 365 lb.. This is why the Vac/All fan out lasts and out performs all the competition. Vac/All will not cut fabrication costs and produce a lighter, less durable fan just to save a few dollars. The fan is a major component and must be reliable, efficient and long lasting. The fan housing is also a unique design, for it also house the hydraulic oil reservoir, thus ensuring maintenance free and constant cooling of the hydraulic oil as the air flows through the housing at 185 mp. This means that there is no need for additional rad/fin type coolers, which are a constant source of added maintenance and cost.